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Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Even though I’ve lived in New York City for nearly four years now, the cold weather still gets to me.  Time and again I tell myself that each passing winter will be different and that hibernation is not an option, but then — for weeks like this — I find that old habits die hard.  The retreat indoors is easier than what the latter would present, but for days that I’m battling Mother Nature with frozen finger tips and a shivering torso, I find myself gravitating toward very specific winter looks or additions to my wardrobe.

1.  A touch of (faux) fur over something more or less revealing; 2. This winter silhouettes — long coats, long trousers, and bed hair; 3.  A really bold lip  color (or a completely nude lip); 4.  Knee-high boots to walk ride a cab in; 5. Color and patterns layered under tweed; 6. A shearling warm enough for light layers.  All photos via here and here

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  • Clarissa Fulton

    These inspiration photos are awesome, especially Kate and her fur!!! xCLARISSA