aftermath and relief

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

First, I would like to sincerely thank all of you who reached out to me this week to see how I was doing during Hurricane Sandy.  I thought my week was tough after Sandy swept down on Manhattan earlier this week — evacuating my apartment in the desolate Lower Manhattan after losing power, water, and service.  In hindsight though, my situation really wasn’t that bad, especially since we retreated uptown to Zach’s apartment after the storm had passed and have been able to resume most of our daily activities.

These events in New York and across the East Coast have left many suffering much worse — flooding, lost family members, and homes .  And many are still left in the dark or stranded with nowhere to go.  I made a donation yesterday morning to the Red Cross (here; you can also do so by texting REDCROSS to 90999), and hope that this can serve as a reminder to those of you who have been meaning to help in some capacity.

all photos by me

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  • Sarah

    This is really so terrible. My friends who live in the city are all going through the same thing but I’m glad that they are safe. Thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone affected by this storm.


  • http://PearlsoFashion.blogspot.com Priscilla

    Thank you for sharing these photos. You really captured the damage left by the storm well. Hope you along with everyone affected is safe.

  • Kara

    Thanks for this Serena. I know so many people that need out help!

  • http://lifestyletea.wordpress.com Erica

    These photos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing and hope everyone around you is safe xx

  • Dee

    Serena! These are brilliant. Hope you’re safe xo

  • Kris Hunt

    Thank you for sharing! You’ve managed to capture some beauty in this catastrophe. Be safe!

  • Diane

    I keep hearing all the news and its breaking my heart. Thank you for this.

  • http://jennyjiin.blogspot.com/ jennyjiin

    your images are soo deep, it really brings back the week of the storm. here in CA the only thing we are afraid of are earthquakes but to see how that type of natural disaster in NY brought it down is truly unbearable to see. I hope you are still safe and i soon await your fashion and food updates.


  • http://shinebythree.com Margaret

    So glad to hear all’s well chickadee! :) <3 xx

  • http://www.hello-beloved.blogspot.com Whitney Noelle

    These photos are incredible Serena, so very poignant & poetic. You did an amazing job of capturing the beauty in the midst of such tragedy and devastation.