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Friday, November 23rd, 2012

 A few weeks ago while debating between straps and studs and discussing other accouterments with my friend Jake, he posed a question that I had no real answer to — “why is it okay to wear sandals of the heeled variety but not those (as he pointed to a pair of closed-toe sandal flats) during this time of year?”  Naturally, I abandoned such a conundrum and moved toward seemingly less trivial matters.

Then, one week later after  my usual mani-pedi session, I left the salon in a few heavy layers and flat (open-toe) sandals, feeling slightly self-conscious.  The fact is, even though I had a great reason to be sporting open-toed sandals in forty-degree weather, people still noticed (the delusion of  judgement soon followed).  Regardless, this brought me back to Jake’s question.  I wear high-heeled sandals all year round, but once September rolls around, I abandon flat sandals both open and closed-toed.  And my inability to answer the initial question was due to the fact that I didn’t give such a thing much thought.  It’s routine to rotate my wardrobe come Fall, and posing questions like such were never priority.  And for me, I gravitate toward heeled varieties more so than flats, unless I need a quick rest stop.

But now after some thought, I’ve come to a conclusion, sort of.   You see, it seems that cold-weather sacrifices are easily more justifiable for heels than flats.  Simply put, I’d rather look polished, chic, or whatnot while being cold, than just looking cold.  And isn’t it true that heels evoke feelings of satisfactions that [some] flats just can’t?

And when it comes to subjects on footwear, don’t we always try to find some form of justification?  Shoes:  Alexander Wang


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  • Lara Morrison

    So true, I think you’re right on point with sandals both heeled and flat. As women we can make that sacrifice! After all, beauty is pain, right?

  • Marissa Weimer

    Good point! People notice the other attributes when you’re wearing heels… At least I do and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

    P.S. I want those black heels!


  • Alice

    Interesting post, Serena!
    To be quite honest, I never really quite thought about high-heeled sandals as opposed to flat sandals. Since I’m not at a place where I can be wearing high heels every day, I can’t really say anything about high-heeled sandals. For me, it’s all about flat sandals.

    The thing is that with flat sandals, there’s a sort of casualness that is evoked. Flat sandals, in my mind at least, seem to go with short shorts and T-shirts or swimsuits and sundresses. There’s nothing fancy or exciting about flat sandals. They’re simple and reliable, like a trustworthy friend you’ve known since the good ol’ days of elementary school. In one word, they’re easy; in more words, they’re casual and unfussy and reliably plain and boring. Adding on to the idea of flat sandals being casual is something I read in the book Parisian Chic (which is interesting I might add). On a page regarding outfits that are combinations of two contrasting ideas, there’s an outfit proposed that consists of an elegant dress paired with a pair of flat casual sandals. So I’m not just the one that sees flat sandals as casual and therefore unsuitable for wear all year-round. Yet, even as I say that, I continue to wear my sandals even at this time of year. In my defense, I live in California, where it was about 80 degrees this afternoon. So to some extent, weather plays a part in the great heeled vs. flat sandal debate.

    Now before I ramble any longer and bore you to tears, I just want to briefly mention high-heeled sandals. There’s something more elegant and feminine about the idea of a pair of high-heeled anythings; that’s an idea that’s been perpetuated by society or maybe just the men who admire the sight of high heels. Whatever the case may be, girls are trained to think that high heels are the most fabulous things ever (there’s too many examples of this to cite just one!) and therefore persist in wearing heeled sandals even in 30 degree weather. But like Lara above me mentioned, beauty is pain.

    I hope my excessive rambling wasn’t too irritating, Serena!
    Have a lovely day.


    • Serena Goh

      If this were irritating, I shouldn’t be blogging! Great points made Alice. Wait till you’re ready for some heels. I once was a Cali-Rainbows-girl… I’ve come a long way. xx

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