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Thursday, November 5th, 2015
WEARING: BARIII  cardigan, dress, shoes

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately — most of which involves this space and what more I can do to impact my generation and the community around me.  When I started this blog over five years ago, I had no idea what to expect (still don’t).  I was working full-time within the finance and technology industry which, to be honest, sucked the life out of me.  Everything I asked myself was very self-serving — “what’s in it for me?”; “how can I advance faster?”; “how can I make more?”; “if I learn “x”, will I have get to point “b” faster?”.  Me, me, me, me.  Even though these thoughts kept me driven and advancing, I felt empty, alone.  My industry had no sense of community, and when it came down to it, I didn’t feel my job really meant anything outside of its monetary reward.

Fast forward to present day, I’m asking myself what more I can do but in a direction that benefits the people around me; how to use my voice that impacts people positively.  However big or small, I hope to impact change within my community and this digital generation, and set the bar .  It’s a learning process and takes a lot of re-evaluating, but is vital to making change happen.  So as I continue to use this platform as a destination for inspiration, I hope I can also open up more conversation and create a greater sense of community .  

Over the next few months, I’m teaming up with Macy’s and BarIII to show what “setting the bar” means to me.  I believe that it’s all-encompassing — whether it’s something as simple as elevating one’s personal style, trying something new, or creating a movement, every individual can find a way to set the bar for themselves or within their community.  So thank you so much in advance for following along and letting me show you what this means to me.  I’m truly grateful for every one who has believed in my voice from the start and glad I’m able to share this.

As a kick-off to this partnership, I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY for you to win my outfit.  An unexpected pop of color paired with a classic shift and a pair of multi-dimensional  heels.  A versatile fit, great for all body types and a simple combination that every women needs to own.  Just click here to enter and I’ll be choosing one of you to have this full outfit!

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  • Queenmillie

    Love this post, great outfit and really love the fact that you were able to leave your previous job and ask what was making you happy and actually do something about it x

    Millie x

  • Sofia Silva

    Loving the heels on this outfit! wow!! :)

    Sofy’s Galaxy