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Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM Isabel Marant for HM
Monday, November 18th, 2013
WEARING: ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M kids sweater | ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M men's coat | R13 jeans | REBECCA MINKOFF hudson moto mini bag | DUNE heels

There are two things I don’t do: leftovers and (in-store) sales.  Now before you think I’m being absolutely high-maintenance, let me explain.  The former is usually because I’m a serial overeater, and there are rarely leftovers when I’m done with any meal.  While the latter is due to my lack of patience and inability to brave crowds, a direct effect of the years enduring post-Christmas shopping with my mom.  

That said, I attend the pre-shopping event of the Isabel Marant x H&M last week where I somehow found myself braving a crowd mob of collaboration enthusiasts, therefore resulting in my quick retreat to the men’s section where things seemed far more tame.  Even though I scored everything I wanted to, my favorites turned out to these two unexpected buys — a men’s coat and a children’s sweatshirt I grabbed last-minute before heading out.  The oversized look of the coat is everything I’m always looking for in good outerwear, while uniquely printed tops make getting dressed that much easier and fun.

Photos taken by the talented Isaac Harris (check out his site Breaking Fad)

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  • Valerie

    fantastic oversized coat! i’m such a fan of leftovers actually, but i’m like you — i usually finish allll of my food before there’s a chance to save anything!

    xo, lily on fillmore

  • Piece by Piece Style

    Faultless outfit! And great idea to head to the mens section haha!

    I’d really appreciate it if you took a look at my blog,

    • Serena Goh

      Thanks! x

  • steph /

    The oversized coat is incred. I wish we had H&M here, loving the new look btw!

    • Serena Goh

      They don’t have H&M where you’re at? You should try ordering online! :P

      • steph /

        I know right? I think they’re planning to open a store in Australia next year. In the mean time the online site only takes US billing addresses..

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