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Weekly Bits Serena Goh // Latest neighborhood juice spot, Naturees//     Weekly Bits Serena Goh //Favorite hat at the moment//     Weekly Bits Serena Goh //Savoring the last peonies of the season//     Weekly Bits Serena Goh //Margaritas and fish tacos at Rosie's for Taco Tuesday//     Weekly-Bits-Serena-Goh //Half ponytail and this star barrette on repeat -- the perfect hairstyle for this weekend's festivities//
Friday, July 3rd, 2015

We’re spending this Fourth of July weekend in the city with just a few close friends and a backyard barbecue.  It’s been a really relaxing past few weeks at home — taking our morning walks, preparing home-cooked meals, and going back to having date nights at least once a week.  I’ll be doing a bit more traveling in the next few weeks, and I’m currently in the process of compiling all my photos from my past month of traveling, but for now, here are just a few bits from this week.

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  • Ria Michelle

    All so pretty! I love traveling but I’m always so slow about getting the photos up haha. Idk how some other girls do it so quickly.


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