Weekly Bits

Weekly Bits // New fall pieces being introduced to my wardrobe, especially loving the footwear //

Weekly Bits-4 // Ultimate candle scent: Maison Martin Margiel 'Lazy Sunday Morning' //

Weekly Bits-3 // This little burger joint with its retro vibes //

Weekly Bits-5 // These new condiments I recently added to my pantry -- the mayo tastes homemade //

Weekly Bits-2 // This view from the top of the St. Regis //
Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Really trying to ease the effects that mundanity tends to have on me from time to time.  I’ve been home in New York for nearly a month and feeling rather antsy.  I’m sure I’ll soon outgrow this emotional hurdle in the weeks to come as my schedule becomes preoccupied with more work and less time for personal affairs.  In short, there will be delayed appreciation for the long, unproductive weekend I’m experiencing.  And by unproductive, I’m referring to the countless hours of Netflix and any additional laziness such perpetuates.  Which in fact has been long over due.


I’ve been focusing most of my time and energy during these past few weeks on a new season of projects/ content and planning out the month of travel ahead.  Chances are things probably won’t go exactly as planned but it helps me sleep at night knowing that there’s some semblance of organization and structure in my life.  The weeks leading up to New York Fashion Week are normally busier than most, but I feel far more productive so I’m crossing my fingers that the updates will be even more frequent than normal.  For now, here are a few bits from my week, enjoy the holiday and I’ll be checking in with you soon!

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